Lorena and the Land of Ruins

Indie Third Person Shooter
Company: NekoNyan
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Long, long ago, before the age of magic dawned, a mighty civilization built upon a foundation of science and technology ruled the world. Now, all that remains of those ancient people and the wonders they made are ruins dotted across the landscape—ruins that are ripe for plundering by a skilled treasure hunter! Unlike most treasure hunters, though, Lorena Lumiere isn’t driven by greed or wanderlust. Her sister has fallen terribly ill, and it just so happens that striking it rich in the ruins is the one surefire way to buy the medicine she needs! Countless monsters, raiders, and ancient weapons of war may stand in her way, but Lorena is driven to save her sister no matter what it takes… and if she happens to unravel a millennia-old mystery or two along the way, so much the better!