The Sidekick Never Gets the Girl, Let Alone the Protag’s Sister!

Author: Toshizo
Company: J-Novel Club
Status: 2/2 volumes translated
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Volume 1
Then: Kunugi Kou waged bloody warfare as a hero in another world. Now: He’s a perfectly average high-schooler with a perfectly exceptional best friend: Ayase Kaito. The living incarnation of every cheesy romcom protagonist ever written, Kaito’s charming personality and looks that could kill have earned himself the harem of quirky beauties that every protagonist deserves—and Kou is dead-set on supporting him from the shadows as the ultimate wingman extra! And it’s all going great—that is, until a wrench is thrown into the works in the form of another romcom staple: the protagonist’s little sister, Ayase Hikari, who meets Kou under the most outlandish of circumstances possible. Even worse, it kinda sorta just maybe seems like she might have a thing for him? Now it’s up to the world’s most “extra” extra to crawl his way back into the obscurity he longs for!

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Volume 2
Kunugi Kou is in a bad place. The Ayase Hikari problem has been resolved, in theory, but the price he paid to do so was steep in both a physical and emotional sense, and many questions remain unanswered—questions that Kou, by and large, hasn't even thought to ask yet. Much as he'd love to return to his comfortable place in Kaito's shadow, the world isn't quite done making everyone's favorite wannabe sidekick suffer, and that's not even starting on the other world. Who exactly are Balrog and Rei? How did Kou meet them, and how are they involved in the trauma he still has yet to overcome? What social cues is Kou failing to read in his current world, and how will they come back to bite him in the ass? These questions and more may (or may not!) be answered in the ever-chaotic second volume of The Sidekick Never Gets the Girl, Let Alone the Protag’s Sister!

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